Polyvines new anti-bacterial varnish

A high performance, tough acrylic resin based anti-bacterial and anti-fungal varnish for use in environments where hygiene and durability are key.

Using SteriTouch silver technology, proven to provide effective protection against MRSA, Salmonella typhimurium, Aspergillus niger, E.coli 0157:H7 and many others.

We say anything that helps keep the bugs at bay is a good thing! This is a useful addition to an already impressive range. See www.polyvine.com for more details. 


Hastings High Speed Rail Link

The Hastings High Speed Link to London moved a step closer after the second rail sumit was held in Hastings the other week. Our local MP Amber Rudd is fronting the campaign with the hope for works to start in 2017.

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Brilliant Yellow...?

It’s a fact that solvent based paints have always yellowed. This happens because the oils in solvent based paints need UV light to stay white- hence it’s the dark stairwells, or skirting boards behind furniture that suffer the most. Historically this reaction would take a year or two to become obvious.

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Michael van Gerwen

Leading trade paint brand Leyland Paints has hit the bulls eye by linking up with newly-crowned world champion Michael van Gerwen.

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Zinsser updates website

Zinssers new website has bang up to date product information and it has nearly 50 step by step how-to guides explaining how to overcome a whole raft of painting problems.

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