If there's one thing (apart from service levels of course) that we at Trade Paints take seriously, it's pricing. Though never complacent, we are very confident that our prices will always compare favourably - and on the rare occasion they don't, we will always happily have a look to see what can be done.

Unfortunately we haven't got to the stage yet of having an online 'store'- we are hopeful to have this soon. In the mean time, the best thing we can suggest would be to download our price list. This doesn't cover everything we do- but it's not far off, and certainly contains all the popular lines. 

>>> Download a price list here <<<  (see below for tips on using the price list)

If you would like a bespoke price for a bulk purchase, please contact one of our Territory Managers...

Kevin White: covers Bexhill and to the East: 07802 463615

David Hutchinson: covers West of Bexhill: 07710 767733

Tips for using the price list once its downloaded...

  • To find a product (if the contents doesn't help), try pressing Ctrl & F on your keyboard. This should open a search box where you can type in what you're looking for.

  • When a product is on offer, the offer price is shown in bold to the right of the usual Trade price. NB. A minimum quantity may be necessary to obtain the offer price (not very often, but for some smaller products, e.g. Caulk, the offer price is for a box of 12). 

  • 'Tinted' means paints we mix up to order (only takes a matter of minutes).

  • 'Pre-mixed' means colours that come in already mixed up.

  • * indicates a special order product- i.e. we will happily order it in for you and give you a call (or deliver it) when it's in. The timings obviously change depending on the supplier, but usually this only takes 2-3 days.

  • # indicates that pre-mixed colours are available.

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